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Understanding Lymphatic Tophi

Sign: Collagen bundles in the shape of flocks, (red arrows) clouds, smears (orange arrow) or beads (yellow arrow) are collectively called lymphatic tophi. They are generally observed in the outer iris area, but can also be seen in the humoral zone. (yellow arrow) The ideal colour is white. Discolouration indicates an increased disposition to toxic loading of the lymph. A common cause of this is exposure to cigarette smoke or other airborne pollutants.

Significance: Tophi indicate a predisposition to stagnation, congestion, swelling and enlargement of adjacent lymph glands and tissue. This potential is exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle. The presence of tophi also indicates heightened sensitivity in the mucous membranes. Catarrhal conditions are stimulated by certain airborne substances and particular food groups; especially dairy, wheat and refined sugar.

Babies with this sign often become candidates for grommets due to excessive mucous production caused by reaction to these dietary substances. In fact, it has been my experience to see total resolution of excessive mucus production and the avoidance of grommet insertion altogether with a simple adjustment to the diet. What was the adjustment? Restriction of all dairy products, refined wheat flour and sugar.

Females presenting with tophi in the respiratory sectors have an elevated tendency to experience cyclic breast tenderness due to the influence of increased estrogen. A disposition to fibrocystic breast disease is common in women with lymphatic tophi. Fibrocystic breast disease may affect one or both breasts but is usually benign. Symptoms include swollen, tender breasts, and/or one or more lumps. Frequently, symptoms worsen just before a woman’s menstrual cycle. For the majority of women this discomfort is temporary, however some women experience severe pain and increased breast dimension of up to a cup size the week prior to the period. All women with tophi need to be vigilant with breast self-examination due to an increased disposition to having naturally “grainy” or lumpy breasts. This will become even more notable after they have had children.

Tophi are found in people who have a natural preference for vigorous exercise. This is what the lymphatic system needs to remain healthy. These people know they feel better when they are physically active. Physical inactivity promotes activation of the dispositions associated with tophi.

Extract from (page 142) The Integrated Iridology Textbook 2016 by Toni Miller ND DHM

© Toni Miller 2018

Occasionally they will be observed in mixed colour eyes.
Lymphatic Tophi are most often seen in Lymphatic eyes.

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