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22 modules. 10 CPE points.

This is based on an assessment of the primary colour, the structure and the diathesis. Using these three principles it is possible to determine each person's unique constitutional type. 

Iridology Essentials is all about individual eye signs, the Constitutional model is about the collection of signs. The Integrated Iridology Constitutional model has been one of the biggest advances and most valuable parts of modern Iridology. 

Course pre-requisite: Integrated Iridology Essentials.

Preparation reading ‘The Integrated Iridology Textbook’ by T. Miller. Chapters 5 and 6.


*Class price includes full colour referenced student workbook, and a hard copy of the Integrated Iridology Constitution chart. Course includes over 240 iris images.

Course outline

What you will learn: 


  • A detailed definition of 20 constitutions

  • High quality images of all constitutional types

  • Establishing individual Constitutions of every client

  • Identifying primary dispositions

  • Determining primary nurture points for each individual

  • Health indications based on the constitution

  • Why every eye is beautiful

  • How to effectively communicate inherent tendencies to your clients

  • Life lessons associated with Iris Constitutions


"In my opinion, Constitutional Iridology is the most valuable aspect of physical Iridology in that once understood, you can determine each person's inherent dispositions, their ideal diet, their primary nurture points and their personality traits"

T. Miller

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