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Iridology Essentials

14 modules. 10 CPE points.

Start with this course. This is the foundation layer of Integrated Iridology, teaching what you need to know about using the iris as a holistic health-screening tool.

Learn the significance of individual signs with some important updates on the Classical Iridology model. Over 200 iris images.

Postgraduates should view this course as a refresher and the beginning of a new way of practicing an old art-form. 


While this seminar is a complete unit for the novice, it forms the foundation toward practitioner level training for those wishing to gain professional Iridologist status. In other words, this class is essential.


*Class fee includes full colour student workbook, and the tools you need to start practicing what you learn. An Integrated Iridology desk chart, an Iris Light magnifier and a pen light. 

Course outline

What you will learn: 


  • Anatomy of the eye

  • Using the Integrated Iridology chart

  • Overview of history and philosophy of Iridology

  • Iris zones & markings and their relationship to anatomical zones and organ systems

  • The scientific basis of Iridology

  • Interpretation of iris structural variations

  • The meaning of colour in the iris

  • The influence of iris shading

  • Twenty essential iris signs

  • A discussion of Hering’s law of cure

  • Mastering your technique in iris analysis

  • The correct use of iris magnification & light

  • Comparison of various schools of Iridology, terminology and methodology

  • How to interpret and record the results of a simple iris assessment

  • The strengths and limitations of Iridology

  • How to clearly communicate your findings in terms your clients will comprehend

"This is the very best thing I have ever done. The amount of valuable information I have learned from studying with Toni Miller is truly exceptional. The study format was clear and precise, and the amount of information expressed within this course is simply fantastic."

M.B. Melbourne

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