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About Us

College of I.R.I.S.

(Iridology Research and Integrated Subjects) was established by Toni Miller in 1997 and remains the only college in the Southern Hemisphere specializing in Iridology education.


The Integrated Iridology curriculum is possibly the most comprehensive English course in the world, featuring in depth information based on international research backed up by clinical scrutiny.

Course graduates can apply for associate or professional membership of IIPA (International Iridology Practitioner’s Association) without having to sit for the entry exam. This represents a considerable saving.

The school now teaches online for your convenience. Students are allocated one calendar year from the date of enrollment to complete each unit at their own pace on the device of choice, saving travel costs, missed work and family time. 

The primary reference for all classes is the Integrated Iridology Textbook, written by Toni Miller. This award-winning book is the most comprehensive English Iridology reference in the world.

Our expert lecturers

Toni Miller has nearly 40 years clinical experience and has been teaching Iridology since 1984. See bio

Rex Miller is a Naturopath, Iridologist and Medical Herbalist with nearly 40 years clinical experience which makes him the ideal choice as one of our lecturers in Practical Iridology. Rex will explain extemporaneous formulations for a large range of conditions in association with iris findings.

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