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The Collarette

4 modules. 5 CPE points.

There is so much to be learned in systematic analysis. The Collarette is the next step after establishing Constitutional analysis. This iris feature is also called the Autonomic Nerve Wreath or ANW and it is the most important landmark in the iris topography.

Assessment of the shape of the collarette can determine specific tendencies associated with bowel function. Recent trials demonstrated a strong link to the theory that "death begins in the bowel". I recommend you establish individual trends with every client by assessing bowel transit time and questioning clients regarding gut issues. 


You will be able to implement this information into your clinic immediately. Over 70 images.

The Collarette marks a unique union between the two arms of the Autonomic Nervous System and all other organs, glands and tissues in the body. This module will explain the influence of the location, shape and structural integrity of the collarette and the way these factors impact on human health. Preparation reading, Chapter 10 Integrated Iridology Textbook. 


*Class fee includes referenced student workbook PDF and a hard copy of the Integrated Iridology Bowel Reflex chart.

Course outline

What you will learn: 

  • The influence of the location of the Collarette

  • The influence of the quality of the Collarette

  • The influence of the shape of the Collarette 

  • How the Collarette identifies personality traits 

  • The importance of Collarette assessment in children

"This was a hard course, but learnt so much! Excellent thanks Toni x Great support system also with answering questions and guiding in the right direction... Can't wait for the next module!"


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