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About the Books

"Integrated Iridology textbook"

​2016 edition

572 high resolution images enhance your experience...

23 chapters of information including some of the rarest iris signs are make this essential choice for all teaching institutions and Iridology practitioners

Arrows and commentary below each image assist explanations of complex iris signs.

“From time to time throughout the generations, there will appear on the stage of life a unique individual who makes a tremendous contribution to his or her field of science. Toni Miller is just such an individual participating in the field of Iridology in our times.”


Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII USA

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This text will serve you long after you finish your training.


Use it every day in your clinic, feeling confident that the answers you need are at your fingertips. Find information or an image using the comprehensive index.

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Embrace new Iridology terminology.

Shading is used to assess functional efficiency. New terms are more in line with naturopathic philosophy and better describe what you need to convey to your clients. 


"Toni’s language is clear and accurate. She has been daring enough to introduce more modern terminology in iridology, which is long overdue."

Kitty Campion. UK. 

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