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Does the iris change? Part 2.

Are pigments caused by toxins, heavy metals and or medication?

Some of them can be for sure. One of the most common sites to see a secondary pigment is in an area representative of a bone that has been broken. Did you know that they can also develop in areas of trans-generational interest. I have a number of families where I have seen 3-4 generations. Interestingly, some of the children and grandchildren have developed pigments in areas where either a parent or a grandparent has a lacuna. The child has no personal history pathologically nor been exposed to any known substances that might have initiated the pigment. Does the pigment serve as a flag indicating an area of familial significance? Often when asked, the previous generations are found to have had an issue in these areas while the grandchild has no personal history. NOTE image: Pigment over gall bladder reflex. 17 year old. No personal history but mother has had a cholecystectomy.

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