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Ms Bourbeau has compiled 20 years of research working with over 15,000 people, helping the to unearth the underlying causes of specific illnesses and diseases. She is certain that any physical problem is simply the outward manifestation of disease on psychological and/or emotional levels. The physical body is responding to this imbalance and warning of the need to return to the path of love and harmony.

Cover to cover; the reader discovers a most powerful tool, as he becomes his own healer. The reference material, a comprehensive guide to the causes of over 500 illnesses and diseases, is a succinct and visionary work that is truly and literally a labour of love. Reading this book makes it apparent that the healing of the three bodies, physical, emotional and mental is the only possible path to wholeness.

You won’t be able to put this one down! Keep it on your desk as a reference for your clients. It is rare that they open to the pages discussing their condition without acknowledging the revelation of the emotional basis for their physical conditions. No wonder it’s a best seller!

Your body’s telling you love yourself.

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