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Practitioners, teachers and students - invest in your Iridology resourses with the Integrated Iridology Textbook PLUS the Mind Matters - the emotional aspects of Integrated Iridology. Soft cover. International best sellers!


The award winning Integrated Iridology textbook is possibly the most comprehensive English Iridology resource produced to date. Each chapter is a treasure trove of information about physical, mental and emotional layers of iridology. The use of arrows and commentary effectively brings the images to life. Toni's inclusion of herbs, lifestyle advice and life lessons make this book an invaluable resource to any student of natural therapies. Throughout the book Toni uses positive language to empower practitioners and clients alike. She teaches that words can be medicine or a poison; that how we describe what we see in the eyes to our clients is of paramount importance. She simplifies the process into manageable chunks that eventually become second nature to avid practitioners.


The Mind Matters is a brilliant compilation of the best of Toni Miller's clinical work and is a step-by-step guide for the Iridologist to understand the connection of each organ and body system and their accompanying emotions, teaching the iris signs that will alert us to both the physical and emotional influences, as well as some of the therapies she has found to be most helpful in releasing trapped emotions.

It is thorough, far reaching, and a must for the sincere iridologist who wants to find and understand both the physical and emotional roots to ailments and know how to better help their clients truly heal. Ellen Tart Jensen. Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII, USA


A total of:

  • 700 information packed pages
  • 41 chapters
  • 925 high resolution images wit arrows and captions to explain the signs.
  • New charts on Tooth reflexes, Spinal reflexes, Emotional Mapping and Birth Order body shapes
  • Comprehensive index makes it easy to find specific information or images.


Toni is a true pioneer in the research and advancement of Iridology. I sincerely hope that these books are embraced by people all around the world, from those with an early interest in Iridology to the advanced Iridologist. It is surely written in such a way that it can be enjoyed by both." Christos Miliankos Naturopathic Physician. Vic.


Toni Miller gives us, through her immense loving heart, an opportunity for knowledge, and for growth towards the future. It is an honour for me to preface this book written by a great iridologist and friend: Toni Miller.
Her mind has always been open to researching and understanding how written information about the iris can be read. In this book, Toni Miller tries to unify the psycho-neuro-immunological aspect of the human being based on the signs present in a person’s iris. She describes how our masters dealt with this interpretative issue and how each of them made a notable contribution to the knowledge of iridology. This book is fascinating in its descriptive dynamics, in the clarity of meanings and terms, and the search to unite various interpretative versions by accepting and describing the principle of multidimensional iridology. The direction of which is to understand that the same sign, the same topographical area can be read through several interpretative maps. 
This is a text that will open our minds to new concepts, to new ways of interpretation, enriching itself with the principles of emotions in relation to organs, mathematical-medicine, possible threatening times, epigenetic, genetic and transgenerational relationships. A very useful book to understand the interconnections between physical, energetic, emotional and mental manifestation, which we should keep in mind when we observe signs at the physical level. Henceforth, we will use physical topography to understand if there is a predisposition to a specific condition. We will use the emotional one to understand the power of creativity, being able to afford to generate something new, aimed at a future outcome. 
If we are able to use well the information written by Toni Miller in this splendid book, we will come to modify our iridological approach making it multidimensional, contemporary and modern. It is the future that will ask us all to do so, it will be our patients who will want to better understand what is happening in their bodies.
Daniele Lo RitoMD ENT Accupuncture, Homeopath, Iridologist, Venice, Italy

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