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THE MIND MATTERS - Emotional aspects of Integrated Iridology. 


Based on over forty years of counselling with thousands of clients and knowledge gained from leading experts, Toni has brought us a valuable synthesis of what she calls "irido-psycho-neuro-immuno-physiology". In her own words, "our body speaks to us through symptoms and illness as a message that something is out of balance. If you do not explore and deal with painful emotions, they can create an underlying sense of anxiety, depression, or anger that can physically disrupt the body's natural ability to heal itself".

This book is a brilliant compilation of the best of Toni Miller's clinical work and training from a variety of researchers. It is a step-by-step guide for the Iridologist to understand the connection of each organ and body system and their accompanying emotions and teaches the iris signs that will alert us to both the physical and emotional influences, as well as some of the therapies she has found to be most helpful in releasing trapped emotions.

It is thorough, far reaching, and a must for the sincere iridologist who wants to find and understand both the physical and emotional roots to ailments and know how to better help their clients truly heal. Ellen Tart Jensen. Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII, USA


  • Individually numbered. 250 only.
  • Signed with a personal message.
  • Hard cover. 
  • 320 information packed pages
  • 18 chapters


Table of contents

  1. Your Issues are in Your Tissues
  2. The Brain
  3. Physical and Emotional Connections to signs in the Cerebral Zone
  4. Diameters
  5. The Interaction Zone
  6. The Collarette Reveals the Temperament
  7. Time Risk
  8. The Pupils and Their Influence on the Psyche
  9. Emotional Aspects of Contraction Furrows
  10. The Circular Rings in the Iris
  11. Personality Based on the Iris
  12. Brain Dominance
  13. Emotional Mapping
  14. The Influence of Birth Order
  15. Building Bridges
  16. Constitutional Influence on Personality
  17. Constitutional Syndromes
  18. Simple Principles for Positive Health


  • 353 high resolution images with arrows and captions
  • New charts on tooth refexes,  Spinal reflexes,Emotional Mapping and Birth Order body shapes

The Mind Matters Collector's edition with bonus Tooth Reflex chart

$395.00 Regular Price
$325.00Sale Price
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