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API certification. Practitioner Pro Plus 2 Emo Irid. Classes.

Introduction to Iridology plus 8 comprehensive courses presented in 70 modules with over 1300 high resolution images covering everything to do with Physical Iridology. 

  • Iridology Essentials
  • Constitutional Iridology
  • The Collarette
  • The Pupil and its border
  • The Sclera
  • Advanced level pigmentation
  • Transversals
  • Lacunae morphology

Integrated Iridology textbook, seven Integrated Iridology charts, an Iris Light and penlight plus a set of Fundamental Flash cards and Constitution, Syndromes and Collarette Flash cards. Providing ALL the training, work books and tools needed to complete your certified practitioner level training, and confidently implement Iridology in your clinic. One year access fromm start date to complete all assessments.


PLUS Mind Matters – emotional aspects of Integrated Iridology. 

PLUS 2 Emotional Iridology Classes. 

  • Emotional precursors on specific organs and tissues 
  • Signs in the Cerebral sector 


One year access fromm start date to complete all assessments.

Certificates of Attainment in ten subjects 

Certificate of Advanced Physical Iridology (API)


85 modules. 10 subjects. 70 CPE points. 

Over $800 worth of material resources!

Best value ever!


Take the lot!

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