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Manage Iridology images, overlay Iridology charts, record client details and scan the iris for colour intensity.  Iridology Station 5 is the worlds’ leading Iridology software, bringing two powerful programs into one dual-mode instrument!
iBrowser ~ Manage and view all your digital images. Browse, organize and transfer your digital images into iStudio with a single click.
iStudio ~Tools and Features:
Chart Overlaying - Collarette tracing feature offers adjustment of the chart to fit each iris precisely, increasing accurate Iridology assessment. Point your mouse to any area of the iris and this charting option will tell you the associated reflex zone. 

Patient Database: records Patient Details, Iris Signs, Suggestions and Comments
Email feature – send graphs or images to email in various formats, including PDF.


PLEASE NOTE! Price quoted is for Australia only. Ask about our great package deals! International enquiries please tell us your location in the section below for your best price.


Station 5.1

SKU: St5
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