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What the Eye Reveals by Denny Johnson. 

The iris of the eye is like a fingerprint. It is a long-term genetic pattern, a kind of blueprint of inheritance. If you look closely at the iris, you will notice small dark dots, streaks or rounded openings in the fibres. These characteristics provide the key to understanding your behaviour and relationship patterns. The types of markings, their precise location and variations between your left and right eye each reveal different facets of your personality. The Rayid model is a unique method of analysis that unfolds the harmonious integration of masculine and feminine energy in each individual.

128 pages. Full colour. Many beautiful eye pictures and diagrams to assist your understanding of this fascinating topic. Author: Denny Ray Johnson   


The Nature of Birth Order. Denny Johnson and Edith Cuffe. 2002

 The Rayid birth order philosophy acknowledges and nurtures each individual in the family tree. Like a fingerprint, every child is unique. There is a divine perfection in every species and form in nature. No matter where you go, you are always embraced and nourished by your family. This knowledge enables parents, guardians, and teachers to specifically guide and support children towards the fulfilment of the purpose for which they were conceived. Learn how to understand each member of your family and why they behave differently. A wonderful gift for new parents and grandparents.

Beutifully illustrated. 180 pages. Soft cover.

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