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Written for students who have completed Essentials and have decided to become Iridology practitioners. IRIS 1 PLUS includes all 7 physical Iridology subjects: Constitutions, the Collarette, the Pupil and its Border, the Sclera, Advanced level Pigmentation, the meaning of Transversals and Lacunae Morphology. 7 charts! Constitutions with Hematogenics, Pupil and its border, Sclera, Bowel reflex, Desk chart and a reverse chart. PLUS The Integrated Iridology textbook, Fundamental Signs Flash book and the 2021 edition of the Constitution, Syndromes and Collarette Flash cards. 


Certificate of Atainment in each subject and Certification in Advanced Physical Iridology on successful completion of all modules. 

45 modules. 43 CPE points

IRIS 1 Plus!

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