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The Canon iPIX Handheld Iridology Cameras has a sleek new light supply that sits comfortably underneath the camera body. The battery powered light supply powers the viewing light. Select either the high setting to see clearer details or the low setting for client's with sensitive eyes.

  • 24 Mpix DSLR Canon camera
  • Our specially designed lighting system guarantees high resolution, true color images and ease of use.
  • Frontal or side lighting options.
  • Lensing specially setup for Iridology.
  • Adjustable settings are excellent for taking all iris colours including dark brown.
  • Small, light weight and portable - Excellent for the travelling Iridologist
  • Affordable price for the professional Iridologist
  • Can be used for Iridology, Sclerology & Animal Iridology


This versatile, lightweight camera can be used alone or attached to our custom chin rest. PLEASE NOTE! Price quoted is for Australia only. Ask about our great package deals! International enquiries please tell us your location in the section below for your best price.

iPIX HH 55 Canon

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