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Integrated Iridology – a reliable asset in clinical practice. Presented by Toni Miller ND DHM Int Irid voted IIPA Iridologist of the year and Instructor of the year simultaneously in 2014. This introduction will show you the breadth and width of Integrated Iridology and give you an overview of why you should consider using Iridology with every client. Six modules will introduce you to what Toni considers aspects of primary importance when using Iridology assessment. Topics include: an overview of the Iridology pioneers who influenced her in the development of Integrated Iridology,essential criteria to be used in data collection,the collarette and the pupil, iris pigmentation and the sclera. The last two modules introduce constitutional colour, structure and diathesis. This information comes from Toni’s over four decades in clinical practice. Take this opportunity to hear Toni’s expertise, developed through teaching Iridology since 1983.

  • Students have 60 days access.
  • Certificate of attendance with 3 CPE points.

Introduction to Integrated Iridology

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