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This boxed set of 50 cards is a wonderful resource for students and practitioners to improve under-standing and assist in explaining to their clients how to be the best they can be. The cards contain full colour graphics of twenty constitutions, each with concise descriptions of variations in colour, structure and accumulation signs that identify each person's unique constitutional profile. The cards explain the meaning of location, quality and shape of the Collarette. (Autonomic Nerve Wreath).  Learn how to identify individual family health issues, personality traits, the life lessons and the main supplements to maintain well-being for everyone.

A perfect desk reference ideal for students, practitioners & Iridology teachers. 


Outstanding graphics and high resolution photo samples explain 20 constitutions, 4 syndromes and 17 collarette signs.


Easy to understand format helps you explain how each client can be the best version of themselves. An essential Iridology desk reference.


Students: Enjoy the benefit of being able to reference information in a concise format. Use them for practice sessions with friends and family. Build your confidence and reinforce what you are learning.
Practitioners: Use the cards in a clinical setting to open meaningful dialogue with your clients. The brevity of the information helps keep your consultations both informative and timely. 
Teachers: You will find the information and images on these cards a cost-effective resource that can be offered to students using the “Integrated Iridology textbook” or “The Mind Matters –emotional aspects of Integrated Iridology” as their reference.



Constitution cards: Lymphatic Wellness, Hematogenic Wellness, Mixed Type Wellness, Lymphatic, Hematogenic, Mixed Type, Neurogenic, Neuro-Lymphatic, Plethoric, Glandular, Connective Tissue, Anxiety Tetanic, Ferrum Chromotose, Hyper-acidic, Febrile, Hemangiotic, Pancreatic, Kidney Lymphatic, Hydrogenic, Hypoplastic, Dyscratic, Miasmic, Lipaemic.

Constitutional Syndromes: Cardio Renal, Cardio Abdominal, Roemheld and Pancreatic.

The Collarette cards, Balanced Collarette, Constricted Collarette, Atonic Collarette, Roemheld, Thickened Collarette, Wispy Collarette, Obscure Collarette (hidden), Obscure Collarette (absent), Broken Collarette, Jagged Collarette, Cogwheel Collarette, Doubled Collarette, Bridged Collarette, Squared Collarette, Superiorally Displaced Collarette, Funnel Collarette and Chain Collarette.

Bonus: Integrated Iridology® mini chart


A protective coating on each page makes this an attractive addition to your iridology resources. Dimensions: 13.3  x  9.3  x  2.5 cm

FLASH CARDS - Constitutions, Syndromes and Collarette

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