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Determining Potential Urinary Issues from the Eye using Integrated Iridology. Toni Miller. ND DHM MII CCII Irid Fellow.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a significant and growing public health problem, responsible for substantial burden of illness and premature mortality. Did you know that a person can lose up to 90% of their kidney function before experiencing any symptoms? Not surprisingly, the kidney reaction field is the most common area for irregularities in the structure of the iris. There has been a huge increase in the incidence of kidney disease during the last two decades. The kidney issues discussed in this presentation include dehydration, calculus and renal cancer. This webinar explains signs seen in the eye, on the body and also in the emotional temperament that increases the risk of renal dysfunction. PDF of presentation included. Two weeks access.

Determining Potential Urinary Issues from the eye

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