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Emotional Iridology

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Emotional Iridology concepts

14 modules. 5 CPE points.

In recent times, there has been an increasing awareness of the impact that emotional issues can have on your health. Up to eighty percent of all illness is triggered by an emotional issue. 

For example, when a person’s liver is ailing, there could be some physical symptoms such as nausea or diarrhoea, but at the emotional level, this can produce anxiety or anger. The question that needs to be asked is “can you have physical illness without emotional issues or vice versa”?

Three fascinating modules. 


This course examines the physical signs from a number of aspects that in total show you the story of each individual. Many of our students come with an expectation that this module will help them to know their clients more familiarly. An equal number have been amazed at what they discovered about themselves!

Course outline

What you will learn: 

Emotional interpretation of physical iris signs:


  • The meaning of markings in the “head zone.”

  • Constitutional aspects - methods of identifying emotional trends.

  • The meaning of diameters - (opposing iris signs)

  • The Interaction zone - how we react to the world around us

  • The implication of contraction furrows

  • The emotional influence of specific organs. (psycho-neuro-immuno-iridology)

Determining personality from the iris:

  • Left and right eye characteristics (Rayid)

  • Relationship patterns seen in the eyes

  • Understanding right and left brain dominance

  • Personality polarities

  • Another view of rings in the iris

The effect of gender and sibling sequence:

  • Learning how to understand family tree dynamics

  • The importance of the relationship with heart parents

  • Trans-generational patterns

  • Epi-genetics in Iridology 


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I learned more from Toni Miller in Iridology Essentials than I did from my entire degree... Can't wait for the next module!


“I came to this module expecting to learn how to help my patients. I discovered more about myself and my family than I ever knew before. I would recommend this course to everyone - whether they are practitioners or have inter-personal relationship difficulties. Thank you for so much insight. The eyes truly are a window to the soul.”

S.M. Central Coast.

“This was way more than I expected from iridology. - I never realized that there was more than just the physical signs. Thank you for this seminar - it has changed me and the way I practice forever.”

L.D. Sydney.

‘I felt that I learnt not only much about iridology but also a lot about myself. I truly feel blessed to have learnt from one of the best. From my years of experience as a student, I’ve found three important ingredients that make a great teacher: knowledge, experience and passion. Toni’s level of knowledge is great. She consolidated that immense knowledge by sharing her vast collection of images and experiences. Lastly, her passion was contagious. Her determination to discover more, even though I am at a beginners level, has rubbed off onto me. I am very excited about the future of iridology. I do believe that the eye reveals the truth. The truth is not ‘out there’ - but in you. And it shows in our eyes. Thank you for your time and effort. It was a real eye-opener!’

M.K. Acupuncturist. Burpengary.

I have just completed the ‘Emotional iridology’ seminar and can honestly say it has changed the way I consult! Prior to attending this seminar I often skipped around more serious issues such as counselling as I did not feel comfortable pushing buttons into serious emotional traumas...until I felt I could help them deal with such issues...The Emotional Iridology workshop really gave me a stepping tool to becoming a better practitioner towards these issues... I highly recommend these classes to those new and established Naturopaths interested in continuing Iridology past the ‘surface scratching’ they may have been presented with in their training... I have been amazed after putting to use some of the Rayid iridology and Birth Order information into my consultations at how much more satisfied I feel after knowing my clients and I have unlocked emotional issues from their past that may have been impacting on their health!

M.C. ND. Geelong.

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