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Practical Iridology

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Practical Iridology

15 modules. 20 CPE points.

Iridology, while identifying many dispositions, cannot be used by itself as a treatment. It is therefore necessary to use it in conjunction with a modality that can assist homeostasis.

Essentials is the foundation layer in Integrated Iridology. Learn the significance of individual signs with some important updates on the Classical Iridology model. Over 200 images.

Lecturers: Toni Miller ND DHM MII CCII Fellow Ir.

               Rex Miller ND DMH II 

We have devoted a module on remedy selection for this purpose.


A detailed discussion on how to determine remedies from signs in the iris. Based on the theory that each constitutional iris type has specific weaknesses, it is important to identify what those weaknesses are and remove any influences that would
hinder them personally to maximize their opportunity for abundant health on a day-to-day basis.
In addition to this form of assessment this module will demonstrate how to use the iris to determine the correct remedies for the major body systems and primary organs.


Recommendations include herbal, vitamin, mineral and other therapies along with diet and lifestyle changes according to various eye signs. This seminar is supported with case histories and many slide examples.


*Class price includes a student workbook. 

“The story is written on the man”. There are many signs on the body that indicate particular organ dysfunction.. 


We are all shaped by life and its experiences. “History leaves its mark.” As a result of this and genetic factors, there are many lines, colours, shapes and other signs that give an insight into specific health risks. Learn how to use this form of analysis using the hands, face and the physique. There have been many books written explaining the personality and character of people according to facial features. However, “Physiography” (the study of the physical landscape) takes a different perspective. It explains the health profile based on physical markings.


*Class price includes student workbook.

Course outline

What you will learn: 

  • Remedy selection based on Integrated Iridology

  • Physiography - Differential Diagnosis.

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Practitioners should not miss this opportunity to help their patients and themselves.’

D.L. Pharmacist. Vic


“Integration and breadth of knowledge was clinically useful and mentally stimulating”.


P.E. Natural therapist, Brisbane


‘Info packed. I never realised what a huge body of knowledge was known and readily available.’

L.S. ND, RN Surry Hills


My practice is booming since I did your course! Thanks Toni and Rex.

KP Melbourne


‘Absolutely one of the most wonderful and enlightening courses I have ever attended. I am Hooked!’

JB Massage Therapist. Capalla.

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