This is the best option for students willing to be registered or certified in iridology because this integrative class combines:

  • Anatomy and Physiology with virtual 3D Lab
  • Actual A&P organ dissection Lab. This is a free bonus for this course. It is optional.
  • Medical Terminology
  • Fundamentals of Pathophysiology
  • Fundamentals of Pharmacology

The first module offers an introduction to critical topics to understand the normal body structure and function (A&P), the abnormal function or abnormal physiology when a disease process takes place (pathophysiology), the basic rules to break down medical terms to know their meaning, and crucial concepts of pharmacology to avoid drug adverse effects and interactions.

The rest of the course modules integrate the normal structure and function of the body organ systems with the medical terms commonly used, the pathophysiology of the most common diseases, and the classification of drugs that can be used according to the affected system. 

Integrated Basic Medical Sciences



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