The foundation class - Iridology Essentials plus a textbook + extras:


  • Introduction to Integrated Iridology class
  • Iridology Essentials class
  • Integrated Iridology Textbook
  • A full colour student workbook
  • Integrated Iridology desk chart
  • Integrated Iridology Reverse chart
  • Integrated Iridology Fundamentals Flash book
  • Iris Light magnifier
  • Penlight


Bonuses in bold. Providing everything you need to to practice while learning.

The Integrated Iridology textbook is the reference for all courses taught on this site. 


Certificate of attainment in Iridology Essentials.

(The first step to become a pro!)

Qualify to apply for associate membership of IIPA - INternational Iridology Practitioners Association.


Essentials Premium Plus

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