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Mind Matters - Emotional Significance of Physical Iridology textbook plus two classes. 


IRIS 2.1: Emotional Precursors on specific organs and tissues

Up to 80% of all illness is triggered by emotional stress. Discover the emotional links between health and disease identified in the iris. Every organ and tissue in our body reacts to specific emotional triggers. Your clients will love that you can identify their emotional risk factors, thus helping them to avoid the physical expression of unresolved emotional wounds. Be amazed what you discover about your own predispositions on this journey of self discovery! No previous study required.  Taught by Toni Miller


IRIS 2.2: Signs in the Cerebral Zone 

The most comprehensive course available explaining the meaning of signs in the ten cerebral zones both physically and emotionally. This course includes

  • Anatomy and physiology of the brain
  • Differentiation between light and dark markings
  • How marks in the Cerebral sector influence personality
  • Emotional mapping for the cerebral zones
  • Case histories
  • Lifestyle support methods
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Herbal remedies
  • Bach Flower remedies.

Information based on the Mind Matters - the emotional aspects of Integrated Iridology, Chapters 2 and 13. (Included in this bundle).


15 modules and 10 CPE points


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