Study Integrated Iridology® in 2014 with Toni Miller

Australia's most experienced Iridology education specialist.

The College of IRIS - founded in 1995, remains the only one specializing in Iridology education in the southern hemisphere.


·       Newcastle

·       Sydney

·       Melbourne

·       Brisbane

·       Edmonton Canada

Earn a 'Certificate of Advanced Iridology' or a 'Post Graduate Diploma of Integrated Iridology'.   100% PRL - Nationally accredited course! details


Start with Essentials - recommended for everyone; especially post graduates. Learn this module in 2 days with our super learning method - developed over 30 years continuous teaching.

Follow with three 4-day intensives - Physical Iridology, Emotional Iridology and Practical Iridology. Information saturation with detailed workbooks using high quality graphics and supervised practical sessions produces confidant, enthusiastic graduates.  

Earn a Certificate of Attainment in each module on completion of your assignments. Complete all assignments to apply for a Certificate of Advanced Iridology or a Diploma of Integrated Iridology (conditions apply)

Who can enrol?

A large variety of students of all ages comes from three main groups:

Post Graduates: Practitioners who want more confidence or who feel like they need a refresher.

Professionals: GPs, nurses, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Pharmacists, Kinesiologists, Reflexologists, Masseurs, Naturopaths, Herbalists, Homeopaths, Bowen therapists and others. 

General Interest people: Pharmacy and Health food store employees, teachers, housewives or those wanting a career change.

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Senior Lecturer and Founder of College of I.R.I.S. Toni Miller ND. DHM. Dip Integrated Iridology, Accredited ATMS NHAA IIPA