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Iridology Station 5.1

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Author: Samuel Kennedy. ND


The worlds’ leading Iridology software takes you to the next level! Iridology Station 5.1 now brings together two powerful programs into one dual-mode instrument! Introducing iBrowser and iStudio!

iBrowser ~ Manage and view all your digital images. Browse, organize and transfer your digital images into iStudio with a single click.

iStudio ~Tools and Features:

Chart Overlaying - Collarette Scan Map to trace the collarette for accurate chart overlaying.

Iris Scanning: Identifies the colour difference within the iris to determine lighter and darker areas of the iris. This information is displayed in graph form listing body parts and systems. Use the new Collarette, Exclusion and Aspect Ratio tools for improved accuracy in iris scanning.

  • Patient Database: records Patient Details, Iris Signs, Suggestions and Comments
  • Patient Report Printouts: option to print out patient iris images, graphs, Iris Signs, Suggestions, Comments and Iris Markings
  • Email reporting – generate reports to email in various formats, including PDF
  • Customize reports in MS Word
  • Iris Marking recording
  • Image Adjustment, Graphic and Text Tools, Image Zooming Tools
  • Diets
  • “One click” Resource files: on Constitutions, Lacunae, Pupil Distortions, Pupil Flattening, Pupil Size, Sclera, Ellipsoids, Pupil Ruffs.
  • Grading Systems – 1) by constitution, 2) by nutritional zone and organ zone 3) by iris structure
  • Pupil Scan – grades pupil size, offset, pupil collarette position
  • Top bottom image stitching
  • Multiple Reference Plug-in Support – Constitutional Iridology by Milo Milosevic; Interactive referencing that is context sensitive to image
  • Analytical Reference Bar – Analytical reference material with images easily accessed from quick-retrieve toolbar for rapid analysis
  • Histogram Display – Measures colour density in each body organ; better-than-human-eye detection; enables before and after comparisons; research potential; unique in Iridology
  • AVI Movie Tutorial support – Movie demonstrations of all tools!
  • Operates seamlessly with digital cameras – Digital integration.
  • More intuitive & integrated functionality – tools are just one click away!

Full Ongoing Support!

Integrates perfectly with The New Iridologist.  Sold separately.

Toni Miller's vote: 'I have been using computerized iridology for over ten years. I was introduced to  Iridology Scanning software in 2003. I loved it! The Iridology Station has superceded this title and is even better, with a number of extra functions. I recommend it to my students and graduates and everyone wanting advanced technology and ease of use.'